Be Strong. You can be your own rug.  You are your own rug.  I Am My Own Rug.

Welcome to I Am My Own Rug!  This website is dedicated to helping people find strength and understanding – whether something has happened to you, or to a loved one.

The book is the cornerstone.  I hope this book helps. It involves rawness, truth, and a little humor.  Most of all, I hope it provides encouragement, hope, and understanding.  And whoever you are, my desire for you at the end is that you will feel reassured (you are not alone), more confident (you can be “Your Own Rug”), and slightly cheered in a few places in your heart (because you know you can find balance).

You will also have a place to put all your Widow Crap, physically and emotionally, which is always helpful.

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Tosa Connection Book Review

Nov 22, 2017 Tosa Connection Review By Amy Colwell Bluhm, PhD If you’re looking for a purely autobiographical timeline about the loss of a loved one, that’s not what this is about. If you’re looking for a polished, well-delineated grief manual, it’s not that either. But if you don’t mind diving into the inner, non-linear […]

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30 books donated to families of First Baptist Church in Texas

A Wisconsin author, with family ties in Texas, has donated 30 books to the First Baptist Church in in Sutherland Springs Texas, where the horrific shootings occurred recently. The book: “I Am My Own Rug” is a book of thoughts, poems, and advice to anyone going through loss, and will lift the spirits and provide […]

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A portion of all proceeds from “I Am My Own Rug” will go to the Leukemia Society and the Joe Perez Scholars

Getting your manuscript today just saved me. It was a really horrible day. And then this arrived in the mail. Thank you, Mary Lou. Just thank you.