I Am My Own Rug


Mary Lou Bailey

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Learning to Live with Loss, Discovering Strength and Being Thankful

This is a short book, one to be enjoyed over a few cups of coffee or glasses of wine, to help you understand how one woman navigated widowhood, found strength, contentment, and then happiness over a 24-month period.

It is meant to be read in a sitting or two. Accompanied by stunning art, you will find rawness, truth, and a little humor. Most of all, this book provides encouragement, hope, and understanding. The author’s wish is that you will feel reassured (you are not alone), more confident (you can be “Your Own Rug”), and slightly cheered in a few places in your heart (because you know you can balance).

You will also have a place to put all your Widow Crap, physically and emotionally, which is always helpful.


About the Author: Mary Lou Bailey lost her husband of 24 years suddenly and without warning. She has run her own consulting firm since 2011. A mother and grandmother, she enjoys life, and worries way less about the small things now.